Easy Sugar Cookies

Any time of the year, although Christmas is the best, is a great time to get your children into baking and a great way to spend time with grand children. Even a child of two can start to learn to spread frosting on a cookie.

Every holiday, I try to take advantage of both, having fun with my grand children and teaching them a little something. My aim with my grand children is to leave them with good memories of me, that way I will live on in their minds and maybe even get a mention or two to their children.

You can make this time easy on yourself also. This Halloween instead of making my own sugar cookie recipe I bought a Betty Crocker prepackaged cookie mix. It only took 5 minutes to mix it up, you can have one of the older children do it even. I also bought a can of butter frosting then I divided it into 3 small bowls and added black food coloring to one, orange, and then left one white. For Christmas just change the colors for the holiday.

After the dough was mixed I divided it into two piles, if you have more children, make a double batch and divide it according to how many children you have. That way they all know that they get to do an equal amount.

I let each one roll out their own dough, they work with clay dough in school, and day care so you will probably be surprised how well they are able to roll them out. Be sure if you use cookie cutters that they have a good edge on them, so they will cut easier. I let them cut the cookie, then I help move them onto the pan because that can be just a little tricky, but even if the cookies get a little extra flour on them, remember this is a memory not a test in perfection.

I like to buy lots of different candied sugars, because besides putting the frosting on the cookie, they love to put the sprinkles on them. As they frost their cookies I place a sheet of wax paper down for each child’s cookies to be placed on. Then when they go home I package them up so they both have their own cookies to take home.

Surprisingly they tasted great. One of my grandsons is 8 years and the other 5. To my surprise you could see their personalities come out in their cookies. The youngest had his frosting and sprinkles on just so, and the older was much more creative but not as neat.

It was a good memory for us all. Just be sure you pick a day that you can take the pressure of a mess, and let them have fun. The one funny thing about my making cookies with my grandsons they won’t eat the darn cookies, but they will lick off the frosting.

Who cares they love to make them.