Kids Korner

If you have children, let them get involved in helping you. Even a 3 year olds can do something. Let them wash the outside of your potatoes, and carrots. They love to be in water and they can’t hurt them any. Let them help with setting the table, putting napkins around, kids love to break eggs too. Just be sure they learn to wash their hands before and after handling food, especially eggs.

Cooking is also great way to teach your children how to use fractions. Show them the measuring cups and how they work. Show them what a cup full is, compared to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 ect. I never really understood fractions until I became a cook. It is one of the day to day uses of fractions there is. Explain to them that in fractions, the numbers on the bottem look bigger, but they really are a smaller amount.

I explained to my 5yr. old grand son by showing him on a pizza, I first showed the pizza whole, then I said lets pretend that your friend Jimmy is coming over and you should share the pizza with him, and showed him by cutting the pizza in half, how now its in two pieces, one for him and one for Jimmy. Then I said maybe Sally will come over too,we now have three people, so we need to
share the pizza with sally too, so we need to cut the pizza into three and keep adding friend until you reach having 8 friends over and cutting the pizza so all eight can have a piece.

Then show them how it works with the measuring cups, or measuring spoons.

Even toddlers can get into cooking by letting them play on the floor with a couple wooden spoons a pan, or bowl.