Stuffed Peppers

4 or 5 large bell peppers as round and flat ended as you can pick out(bell peppers are the green ones)

1 lb. ground beef you can use any ground beef you like, but if you use ground chuck be sure to add oil or shortening when browning it or it will be to dry.

1 small onion (opt)

1 16 oz. can tomato sauce (you can use almost any canned tomato, even tomato juice, if you use whole or diced tomatoes, be sure to crush them some) this is a recipe where having a old fashioned potato masher comes in handy)

1 cup any white rice, raw short or long grain. I like to use minute rice but regular rice will work fine. However if you use the regular rice be sure to make your rice mixture a little more runny, by adding some water, or more tomato juice.

1 full teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

1/3 cup packed brown sugar

Use your potato masher for stirring the ground beef as it cooks and it will get a nice crumble to it, if you don’t have a masher, be sure to break up the globs of meat so it all gets to be about the same size in the pan. Do not over cook, just get it to a nice light brown, remember its getting baked again. Add the chopped onion as you are frying the ground beef, it doesn’t have to get cooked long to be done, just added, as soon as the ground beef and onion has been cooked lightly, drain off some of the fat, add the tomato, rice, salt,pepper, and sugar. Just stir it all up while the stuff is still cooking, then once blended well , turn the heat off.

Prepare your green peppers. Take a knife and cut around the stem in a complete circle. Pull out the stem. Use the back side of a spoon to loosen the seeds from the inside of the pepper, then rinse them out, if there is still a little green things in them just take your fingers and pull them off the inside of the pepper, they wont hurt anything but I think they are a little bitter so I like to pull it all out.

Now prepare the casserole or roaster you are going to bake this in, use cooking spray and spray the bottom and sides of your container, or use a little oil and grease the sides and bottom, it will help keep it from sticking, for a easier clean up.

Now try to set the peppers in the container upright so they can be filled with the rice mixture. If the peppers wont sit nicely, take a knife and slice a little off the bottom of the pepper so it will sit nice. Fill each pepper full of the rice mixture. Once the peppers are full, scoop the rest of the rice around the peppers its ok if they pretty much get covered, they will still be nice when you serve them. Cover with tin foil. Bake at 350° for 1 hour. If you would like them to look a little more fancy, remove the tin foil and put some slices, or shredded cheese on, and put it back in the oven just long enough to melt the cheese. This is considered a one dish meal, but you can add a fruit salad, or a vegetable, or vegetable salad for on the side. Drained canned peaches or pears are good. Or if you are lucky enough to get a fresh fruit that would be great too. Nice wedges of melon would be wonderful. This really is very easy to make, and its a favorite with me. I live alone but I still make at least 4 and I freeze the left overs individually in a covered freezer container, be sure if you freeze them for later to write what is in the container and the date. As long as they stay frozen, they are good for about 6 to 8 weeks, they wont make you sick if they are in longer but lose some of the good flavor. I like to use a freezer tape to write on, as permanent marker is hard to get off for reuse of the container.

Tip—————If you hold the container upside down under warm water it will drop right out of the container still frozen, and you can put it in a nice microwave-able container and heat for about 7 minutes, stir, and heat again for another 5 to 7 minutes. A lot depends on you microwave. Just check it every once in awhile until you know its hot. When you reheat anything in the microwave or cook anything it is important that it gets hot all the way through, so stir it and make sure the middle is hot. One of the reasons people have been getting sick on microwave food is not making sure it is hot all over, inside and out. I like to cook everything for the time that is recommended on the instructions of any microwave item, and then put it back in and cook it for at least 1 minute, check it , if it don’t feel like its hot all the way through, keep doing it until you know that it is hot inside and out. If you just throw it in and say, push 10 minutes it may ruin it, as some things can get hot very fast. Over cooking it will make the food dry or get rubbery. As fast as it cooks its not going to hurt you to take the little extra time to make sure its done right. With this waiting for you in the freezer, its going to be a very quick meal anyway. Also if you like having ready made meals in your freezer, tape a paper list of what meals you have in the freezer and the amount, like 3 stuffed peppers, 3 containers of tuna hot dish. As you use them up scratch them off your list then you will always know what you have. You can also use these if you get unexpected company, or just need to add a little something to a meal.

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