One thought on “Candies

  1. Somehow, even though I’m old,. . . . I still have an edlerly aunt who is nearly 90 and living in a similar place. Instead of spending money on all that stuff. . . . I take all the money I would spend . . . . and give it to the facility to use as a prize for the weekly bingo games. Everyone seems to take junk food there. . . . and most either don’t or can’t eat it. . . . or SHOULDn’t eat it. On the other hand, EVERYONE goes to the bingo games where there is that nicer prize that I have donated. Sometimes the home takes a little of it. . . . . and makes it a prize for a drawing . . . . . they put the names of all the residents on slips of paper. . . . and then have a drawing for the prize. Even if the prize is only $5-10 dollars. . . . . it is something all enjoy. Your idea of cards is a good one. . . . even home-made cards are nice to get. I have gone by there with a camera. . . . and taken a picture of each of the residents. Sometimes I get coupons from the corner drugstore for picture processing. . . . I use them to keep my cost down. Then I take the picture of each resident. . . and put it in with home-made Christmas cards. The facility tells everyone ahead of time of the day that I’m going to be there to take pictures. . . . and they help the residents straighten up their hair a bit . . . and put the lipstick on in a way that winds up on someone’s lips. . . instead of sideways some sort of way. By the time you’ve spent the money on a bunch of cookies. . . . it would’ve made at least a $5 prize for a bingo night for more than a couple of bingo games. You could also buy a giftcard to a DVD rental place. . . . . most homes have a TV and player downstairs somewhere. . . . and have movie night. It’s nice to have a few bucks to go rent a new-release movie that the residents might enjoy. Even a small amount of money results in two or three movie nights with a newly-released movie instead of something everyone has seen 40 times. I also buy jigsaw puzzles for the game room. . . . and crossword puzzle books that the residents can take to the copy machine and copy out any puzzle that they want to work. I have bought board games for the game room. . . . along with Chinese checkers, backgammon boards, Mah Johng (sp?) tiles, decks of cards. Same amount of money that you spend on cookies can buy a lot of pretty neat other things . . . . especially enjoyed are those jigsaw puzzles.

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